Falkland Wool

Sheep farming for the production of high-quality wool¬†has been the main form of agriculture in the Falkland Islands for over the last 170 years. Fleeces are available from the¬†Merino, Polwarth, Corriedale, Cormo, Multi-Purpose Merinos (MPM’s) and Comeback sheep breeds.

Falkland Wool Growers, acting as agents for the majority of farmers in the Islands, offer high-quality fleece wool with the following specifications:-


  • Choice snow-white Falkland Islands fleeces untied
  • Fibre diameters available in the range 18 microns to 29 microns
  • Excellent soft handling, length and good bulk
  • .1/.5% vegetable matter, no burrs, classed and fully skirted
  • Prepared ready for best Scouring, Carding and Combing
  • Completely free of Organo-Phosphate and Synthetic Pyrethroid sheep dip residues (No sheep dipping is undertaken by Falkland Island farmers)
  • Certified Organic supplies available
  • Fully tested with original IWTO/WTAE/NZWTA certificates provided
  • All sheep non-mulesed (certificates available)
  • All wool fully traceable to the farm and flock of origin
Falkland Wool
Falkland Wool Growers bales
Bales of Falkland wool